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Sierra Art Trails Sorensen Sculpture Project


In 2012 Sierra Art Trails initiated "The Sorensen Sculpture Project", the installation of a 16' tall kinetic sculpture by Fresno's Man of Steel at Gallery Row in Oakhurst.  


Chris Sorensen is one of Fresno's most revered artists. His generosity and dedication to the arts is well known. His contributions and donations in Fresno and beyond number too many to count. When Mariposa Arts Council lost its headquarters earlier this year due to tragic fire, Chris organized a fundraiser. The annual Pink Show raises money for breast cancer research. His long standing support of Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst has helped to keep the gallery open. These are only a few of the many examples of his philanthropy. 


Visit http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/sierraarttrails to learn more about the project. Click on “Sorensen Sculpture Project – Oakhurst CA” to view our video and read about the project. 

The direct link to the project is…

Chris Sorensen at work in his Fresno studio.  

Sorensen Studio Gallery, located on 2223 South Van Ness Ave in Fresno, is a focal point for the arts, and houses the studios of many other artists. At 87 years old Chris is still going strong, producing both indoor and outdoor sculpture. We are honored that Chris has taken on this project, and proud to have the opportunity to install one of his works in the public realm.

The sculpture needed to be visible and eye catching, particularly for viewers passing by quickly on their way to and from Yosemite National Park. We focused on a design created by Chris many years earlier, a kinetic sculpture with a bold form, balanced kinetic elements, strong lines and bright colors. A tall blue base column raises the piece to a level that is clearly visible. The center section, a red hook-shaped arm, turns into the wind like a weathervane, and a small yellow crescent at the top is free to turn in the wind. 

We chose Kickstarter for our fundraising campaign in order to reach potential backers quickly on the web. Kickstarter is an internet based fundraising platform for Creative Projects. Fundraising on Kickstarter is All-or-Nothing. If we meet or exceed our goal, the project is funded. If we do not meet our goal we receive nothing. Backers receive rewards based on their donations. The higher the amount, the better the reward. 

Jon Bock and Chris Sorensen working on plans for the Gallery Row sculpture.


CLICK HERE to learn more about sponsoring Sierra Art Trails Exhibits, Projects, and Events, call 559-658-8844 or email info@sierraarttrails.org


Contributors to the Public Art Fund receive the same benefits as other Sierra Art Trails sponsors. For more information about your donation call 559-658-8844 or email info@sierraarttrails.org



Sierra Art Trails is a 501c4 non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting and promoting working artists and artisans, and benefiting the communities where they live and work by establishing a reputation for the area as an arts destination. 


In addition to presenting an annual open studio tour in Eastern Madera and Mariposa Counties that draws thousands of visitors to the Sierra Foothills every year, Sierra Art Trails raises monies for student sponsorships, scholarships, and other art related projects, and holds special art exhibits, activities, and workshops throughout the year.